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◆How About Henna?™|Body Art◆

Temporary Tattoos & All-Natural Body Art
(Serving Austin & Central Texas)

  Whether celebrating a Special Occasion, throwing a Birthday Party, planning a Corporate Events, or even just looking for a unique way to express yourself-

Henna Temporary Tattoos & our All-Natural Body Art are a perfect way to have a fun, unforgettable time, while also keeping guests, family, friends, children, (& even yourself) absolutely entertained!

Our talented Première Artist has practiced the ancient art, design, & application of Henna for over 17 years. Our experience includes working with reputable companies such as Google Corporate, Express, Platinum Tattoos & Piercings, Lifetime Fitness, & Yelp, as well as hundreds of happy, satisfied clients from all around the world! Let us show you what makes our unique & temporary form of body art so amazing, & why so many people have come to us for beautifully designed temporary tattoos!!


Why Is Henna So AWESOME?-





•100% Temporary

•Fun for All Ages!!

•Quality Ingredients


•Safe for Pregnant Women


◆Belly Blessings:

A Celebration of Life◆

  It has long been believed that the ancient art of Henna has the magickal means to bless & protect both mother & child, before, during, & after birth.
  "Henna Belly Blessings", or "Pregnancy Blessings", are also a beautiful & symbolic way to celebrate the new & developing life within, strengthening the beautiful bond between both souls with happiness, serenity, harmony, & love.
  At "How About Henna?™|Body Art", our Skilled, Knowledgeable, & Professional Henna Artist is happy to join you in the comfort of your own home, or Baby Shower, & create a custom Henna design to represent the beautiful Goddess of Life that you are!
  Our Henna paste is made with All-Natural Ingredients (including gentle, aromatic Lavendar Essential Oil), is Chemical/Toxins/PPD-Free, FDA Approved, & Safe for both expecting mothers & their children.
  If you are interested in booking us for your Henna Belly Blessing (including Baby Showers, Pregnancy Photoshoots, & More...), please feel free to call our Première Henna Artist, Kimberly @ (210)931-0228.
  We look forward to hearing from you, & joining you in the wonderful celebration of Life & Motherhood! ♡♡♡

◆Henna Spotlight:

From Traditional to Trendy◆

  The use of Henna for ceremonial body art & decoration dates back over 7,000 years!

  Today, people enjoying these eye-catching works of wearable art are not only found around the world, but are of all ages, ethnicities, genders, & cultures. Simple, or symbolic, everyone is finding out for themselves why Henna Temporary Tattoos are forever growing in popularity!

  Check out this quick video, & learn why everyone is embracing & enjoying these trendy tattoos!!

◆Our Promise◆

  We promise to provide Fun, Friendly, & Professional Service, guaranteeing exceptional, eye-catching work.

  Our skilled artist uses the highest quality products, which are Tested Safe for use on skin, contain NO Harmful Chemicals/Toxins, are PPD-Free, made with All-Natural Ingredients, & have beenFDA Approved.

  "How About Henna?™|Body Art" continues to receive 5-Star customer reviews & ratingsfrom happy, satisfied clients. Let us share our passion for practicing this bold, beautiful art form with you!

  "Contact Us"  today to receive a FREE Consultation, & schedule our friendly, talented Henna Artist for your bee Appointment, Party, or Event...We look forward to celebrating with you!

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