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◈Business Hours◈

(We are currently By Appointment Only; Contact us today for your free consultation!)

•Monday: 9㏂-11㏘

•Tuesday: 9㏂-1㏘

•Wednesday: 9㏂-1㏘

•Thursday: 9㏂-1㏘

•Friday: 9㏂-1㏘

•Saturday: 9㏂-11㏘

•Sunday: 9㏂-11㏘


Missed Us During Our Business Hours?

  Please feel free to contact our Professional Henna Artist to Schedule an Appointment via Email** (**Replies may take up to twenty-four hours), "Instant Message" us with Facebook Messenger, or Call Our Artist (Kimberly Gohlke) @-



◆We look forward to hearing from you!◆

◈Our Henna Headquarters◈

(An Update Regarding Our Main Office...)

  Currently, we are exploring new venues to house our business & welcome our clientele (Tattoo Studios, Small Shops/Businesses, etc.).

  Until further notice, We Are Available for Consultations + Appointments, & will meet you at your home, celebration, or other venue, as well as do our best to accommodate all of our valued clients Body Art needs!

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